16 June 2016

a softer tardis.

A word of explanation, though not of apology, for today's bit of folly. While it existed—it ended last year—A Softer World was the best comic on the web. It was a strange little poem-comic—always artistic, often funny, and sometimes deeply depressing. It consisted of photos, taken by Emily Horne, with text by Joey Comeau over them. Among fans of the comic, it's quite common to create remixes. Images from existing strips are removed and then replaced with images from (usually) a TV show to whose characters the text is applicable. I did some Doctor Who ones a while back, and I'm posting them today by way of fulfilling my promise to write here about Who. (I'm also drafting a post on robots and humanism, so. Watch this space!)

Click to embiggen. If you enjoy, do let me know; I have ideas for more.

621 // The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

568 // The Curse of Fenric
364 // the seventh Doctor
680 // The TV Movie

940 // The Night of the Doctor
635 // The Eleventh Hour
721 // The Beast Below
901 // Vincent and the Doctor
869 // the eleventh Doctor


  1. Those really work well. I hope 635 is your personal motto.

    1. When you say 635 d'you mean 721? Cos 721 definitely is.